Creekside College Caroline Springs

Creekside K-9 College was officially established on January 1st, 2012 following the disaggregation of Caroline Springs College. Creekside is in its seventh year and has grown very quickly to now accommodate over 1500 students.

The principal class team comprises a Principal and three Assistant Principals. Besides the team of Leading Teachers, teaching staff are predominately in the Graduate or Accomplished experience range. To support this staffing profile, each year level group of staff, headed up by a Leading Teacher, is organised as a Professional Learning Community and operates as such.

The college has an Early Years/ Middle Years structure. While the school accommodates some 1500 students, it operates on a split timetable of Early Years and Middle Years. The welfare benefits to students, particularly at break times are that students are only able to associate with relative peers. The students make use of the canteen, sporting fields, play equipment and other areas of the school with half the school still in classroom settings.

All students are organised in home groups with all cohorts being clustered in defined learning spaces. Years 7 – 9 are organised into home groups that remain in the same room, with teachers moving between rooms. They will only be in different locations when involved in Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Robotics, Food Technology and Physical Education. Year 9 students are offered an elective program in preparation for their year 10 experience.

Student wellbeing is a priority of the college and is supported by two student counsellors, a secondary nurse, the school nurse, a Leading Teacher – Student Wellbeing, PSD Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal – Engagement and Wellbeing. A Multidisciplinary Wellbeing Team oversees student referrals based on behavioural issues, academic progress and PSD needs. Education Support Staff provide student support under the guidance of both the teachers and the PSD Co-ordinator.

Buildings and grounds have been extensively developed to ensure that learning and recreational areas provide the best possible environments. A large number of portable classrooms have been required and have been further enhanced by cover ways and gardens. The spacious grounds include artificially grassed areas as well as courts and asphalted areas for games and recreation. The college has erected shade sails over passive play areas. A Wellbeing group involving parents, students and staff was established in 2010 to consider ongoing, sustainable environment improvements.

The college is developing connections with the community with varied degrees of success. The Parents and Friends Association was reinstated at the end of the 2011 school year, however membership is still low. The Creekside K-9 College School Council has now met officially formed the following subcommittees: Education, Finance, Grounds and Maintenance.


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