St Anthony Primary School

St Anthony's Primary School  is situated within the city of Melton, which is  located west of Melbourne,  in a semi - rural/suburban area only 38 kilometres from Melbourne GPO. The  school's philosophy is based on the belief that every child has the ability to  learn and this best occurs in a safe, caring, happy and positive environment.

St Anthony's Primary School  was opened in 1979 after dramatic growth through the 1960s and 1970s had  highlighted the need for a new school in Melton South. Major architectural refurbishment  in the 1990s improved facilities.

The  cultural backgrounds of the students are predominantly Anglo-Saxon/Celtic. New  facilities at the school include a gymnasium, an art/craft room and an  Information Technology Centre. The school is currently undergoing extensive  upgrading of buildings and grounds.

Special features include  small class sizes, a school counsellor, the Children's Literacy Success  Strategy (CLaSS)literacy program, individual learning plans, a program for high  achievers, support and intervention programs, a specialist physical education  program, a specialist Italian program, a performing arts program, a visual arts  program, a specialist music program, Outdoor Education including camps,  Perceptual Motor Program, Asian Perspectives, Aboriginal Perspectives, and the  Seasons program.

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      Wilsons Road Melton South 3338

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      (03) 9743 1401

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      (03) 9743 7342

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