St Dominics Primary School

Our school motto is ‘Courage, Truth, Compassion’ and is derived from our Patron Saint, Dominic, who demonstrated these virtues throughout his life. We challenge ourselves to show these virtues in our daily lives.

The eagle is a pivotal symbol taken from the Bible. We use it to inspire us to strive for excellence and to rise above our challenges.


We create an environment that:

  • Proclaims the presence of Jesus Christ in all people

  • Develops each person’s spirituality

  • Encourages each individual to achieve their best in everything they do

  • Allows each person to feel welcome, valued and safe

    • Service Address

      Church Street, Melton 3337

    • Phone

      (03) 9743 6225

    • Fax

      (03) 9743 5889

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