1. Housing



    • Melton Youth Services - Reconnect Program

      The Reconnect Program uses early intervention strategies to support young people between the...

      Contact: (03) 9747 5373 Melton or (03) 9747...

      Provided by: Melton City Council

      Referral by: Anyone

    • ABODE - Homeless Program

      "Homeless program ABODE Homeless assist, health checks, advice, support & advocacy. REFERRAL...

      Emergency Contact: (510) 252-0428 | Contact: 9687 4499

      Referral by: Referral through First Response

    • Iramoo Youth Refuge

      Short term crisis accommodation, up to 6 weeks. Life skills educaton.

      Emergency Contact: N/A | Contact: 9687 0733

      Referral by: Anyone Service providers Cares

    • Mac Killop Family Services

      MacKillop Family Services provides arrange of services to the community including; -Foster Care...

      Emergency Contact: N/A | Contact: 8746 0500

      Provided by: MacKillop Family Services - North...

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS)

      State wide telephone information and referral service for young people, who are homeless or at...

      Emergency Contact: N/A | Contact: 9614 3688

      Provided by: Melbourne City Mission

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Safe Steps Family Violence Reponse Centre

      Family violence 24/7 response If you have been threatened or you and your family are in...

      Emergency Contact: 000 | Contact: 1800 015 188 (Toll Free) 24/7

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Salvation Army Social Housing Service (SASHS)

      Sunshine youth housing support, information, referral, advice & advocacy.

      Emergency Contact: 1800 825 955 | Contact: 9312 5424

      Provided by: The Salvation Army Australia -...

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Western Region Accommodation Program (WRAP)

      The Western Region Accommodation Program (WRAP Enhanced) provides supported, short-term, crisis...

      Emergency Contact: Melbourne Youth Support Service –... | Contact: 9364 9844

      Provided by: Melbourne City Mission

      Referral by: Anyone

    • YWCA Victoria - Women's Programs and Housing services

      Services for women including housing, childcare, training, Advocacy mentoring programs &...

      Emergency Contact: 8341 8700 | Contact: 8341 8700

      Provided by: YWCA Victoria

      Referral by: Anyone