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"Learning at Brookside P-9 College will be enhanced by a blend of traditional and innovative teaching styles together with additional learning experiences gained through a variety of enrichment programs. We will focus on the delivery of a differentiated curriculum, which enables us to cater for individual needs.

We aim to specialise in a number of curriculum areas offering:

  •    ICT classes across all year levels
  •    Individual Netbook program Y7-9
  •    ‘State of the art’ learning facilities - comprehensive ICT resources in every classroom; laptop banks; interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
  •    Science program for Grade 5&6 students
  •    Literacy and numeracy support/extension classes
  •    High-achieving sports program for students
  •    Specialised Arts programs from Prep to Year 9
  •    Comprehensive camping program across the school
  •    Student welfare support staff in both primary and secondary areas
  •   A safe and secure learning environment

The school's philosophy will be firmly based on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.  This stresses the development of initiative, integrity and self discipline through a structured Student Wellbeing Policy which incorporates positive and non-discriminatory relationships and is governed by clear expectations of members of the whole school community.  The school believes that each student's happiness, confidence, feelings of security and sense of belonging are dependent upon an environment where all members are considerate, respectful and courteous to each other."

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      Brookside College - Caroline Springs

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