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    "Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs is one of five Colleges which forms what is called the Federation of Catholic Regional College. The other 7-10 Colleges are located at St Albans and North Keilor, while Melton is a 7-12 College. Our students, once completing their compulsory years of schooling at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, then have the unique opportunity to attend Catholic Regional College Sydenham which offers an extensive range of VCE, VET and VCAL options.

    Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, as a recent addition to the Federation, is a College that is about faith, learning and community. As our motto, Live Fully – Act Justly reflects, our vision is to provide students with every opportunity to make the most of what life has to offer, to strive to be their very best and, in doing all that, remember to be just to themselves and to others.

    We ensure that the curriculum and programmes offered at the College also reflect the values embedded in our motto. A student-centred approach to learning that ensures that all students are given every opportunity to reach their potential is the basis of our rich, diverse and faith centred learning environment.

    As you explore our site I hope that you gain an understanding of the new and exciting developments that are taking place as we continue to grow and that you are excited and enthused by the opportunities that the College has to offer."

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