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"Welcome to Melton Primary School. Melton Primary School has a strong tradition of commitment to, and involvement with, the broader community. This school has worked hard over the years to develop a two way bond between staff and school families because we believe that such a partnership is of great benefit to the child's educational development. It is no coincidence that our children are consistently achieving very good outcomes. Our talented and professional staff work hard to maintain these levels. Our recent Parent Opinion Survey results indicate the high regard our school community places on the curriculum provision and delivery offered at the school. The surveys also indicate that this is a very caring school with high emphasis placed on the welfare of the children in our care.

Our school is committed to the development and implementation of a consistent pedagogy across the school so as to improve teaching and learning with our priorities being in Numeracy and Literacy. We have a high focus on the development of thinking skills which incorporate the many different styles in which children learn.

Our school is extremely well resourced and our facilities are outstanding. Our new indoor swimming complex has been an excellent addition to our physical education program with our students now involved in numerous water activities including four weeks of intensive swimming instruction throughout the year.

The importance of Primary schooling cannot be over-emphasized. It is the foundation upon which the educational future of a child is built. Therefore it is very important that you, as parents, take the opportunity to join in school activities and become involved in this exciting part of your children's lives.

Thank you for the interest you take in our school. We look forward to meeting and working with you over the coming years.

Alan McColl


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