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"St Catherine of Siena Primary School is approximately 45 kilometres from Melbourne. It is within easy access to the city whilst maintaining a rural outlook. The school is situated on the periphery of West Melton in a semi-rural setting.

Our school is located between beautifully developed parklands and Catholic Regional College, where many of our students continue their education from years 7 to 11. The back of the school has previously been a rural setting, however, this is gradually vanishing as housing development encompasses it.

St. Catherine of Siena is one of two schools in the St. Dominic's Parish. Strong ties are maintained with the Parish through the Sacramental Program, and the celebrations of special events in the life of the Parish.

Our school currently has 450 students from 280 families.

Our community is made up of families from a variety of cultures. The school's philosophy is that our learners are the centre of all that we do.

Our beliefs and educational practices reflect and support the gospel values of faith, love and respect.

Our environment offers opportunities for every learner to engage in learning, develop as a whole person and strive to reach her/his full potential. All members of our community work collaboratively in a life-long learning journey and support one another in contributing to our ever-changing world. The school works in partnership with parents to ensure the well-being and educational outcomes of our students are always our priority.

Our modern facilities, including a new community centre are situated on extensive grounds with football, soccer and basketball courts. Information technology is fully resourced and regularly updated to support the students personalised and inquiry learning. The school plays an important role in the community by developing close links with the parish.

Our school has high expectations and strives to meet the individual needs of all students."

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