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"Wedge Park Primary School, No. 5206 is situated approximately 40 kilometres west of Melbourne in West Melton.

The core plus designed school was opened in 1982 with just over 200 students. Since then the school has been completely rebuilt. It comprises an administration/specialist block, 18 permanent technological advanced classrooms, a basketball size gymnasium, a performing arts centre, library and 2 artificial turf playing fields. The school has grown steadily during the past 30 years, with approximately 710 students currently enrolled.

The school allows the local community to use its facilities for a number of activities such as netball, karate and basketball.

“Learning with Pride” is the school motto and we strive to make all members of the school community proud to be associated with a school that pursues excellence in education. 

The school utilises the Inquiry approch to learning to engage all students in the curriculum. Incorporated into this approach is the focused instruction of literacy and numeracy in line with the South Western region learning plan.

The school also provides additional programs including;

  • Integration and Special Needs
  • Reading Intervention
  • Learning Technologies
  • Perceptual Motor Program
  • Physical Education
  • House Sports Program
  • The Arts
  • Road Safety and Bicycle Education
  • Student welfare programs"

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